Have you ever faced this problem where you forget your iCloud password and you lose all the data that you backed up on it? This is a problem that iPhone users often encounter. For some reason, people cannot access their cloud and end up losing a lot of images. These images might have been important, or they are just beautiful memories that you have captured and uploaded on the cloud.

I have personally gone through some troubles related to cloud backups. You end up with tons of lost data, and to be honest it can be quiet disheartening.

So the only other option left is a flash drive, but sorting pictures and finding them to copy is troublesome. What if we told you there was a way you could avoid all of the hassles? If there is such a way, would it not be super convenient? Well, look no further because we have found a device that makes backing up photos and videos hassle-free. The PhotoStick is a flash drive that will make your life much easier.

The PhotoStick

So the PhotoStick is one of the most convenient ways to backing up pictures and images. It is more than a simple flash drive as it copies pictures and videos on your computer with just one click. Not only that, it does it faster than any other flash drive can. This makes the PhotoStick a really convenient device. You do not have to spend hours looking through your images and copying them individually on a flash drive.

If you’re looking for a review of ThePhotoStick Mobile, please go here.

Not only that, did you know that the PhotoStick also deletes any duplicate images and videos as well. This helps in freeing up space and identifying any pictures or clips you have already copied on the system. It identifies any images and videos you might have copied before and leaves them.

Basically the PhotoStick has a software that identifies image and video files. It then copies them over without you putting any effort. If you have already copied images on the PhotoStick before, it will neglect those and copy any new ones that you might not have backed up on it. This makes it quite the convenient tool. But you want to hear the best part? It does all that with just one press of a button. Just press ‘Go’ and let it go.

How Does It Work?

So for Cloud services you require internet or a WiFi, but for the PhotoStick, you just need a USB port. USB ports are so common these days that almost everything has become USB powered. SmartPhones use Micro USB ports, computers have USB ports, and chargers have USB ports and so on. There is no shortage of USB ports on a computer, you will find plenty of them. Just plug in your PhotoStick to your laptop or desktop PC and just open the software.

There is support for macOS and Windows both. So just click on the program associated with your OS or operating system running on your desktop or laptop. After that just with a press of one button, all your files are safely copied on your device. This does not require you to be an expert on computers. Someone who is not familiar with computers can also do it, as it requires minimum effort. You just need to open the USB open the program and just press the ‘Go’ button. The program will do the rest.

So compared to the cloud, this is much more convenient, as it does not require an active internet connection. Also there is the chance that your cloud might get hacked. Recently the Apple’s iCloud service was hacked and tons of people’s private data was leaked. This caused major mayhem and the damage was severe. It was one of the biggest leaks in the history of cloud computing. That is why the PhotoStick is a better option to store your data.

The PhotoStick vs Flash Drive

Some people might think, why not buy a traditional drive instead? That is definitely an option which also does not require any internet connection. The only problem with that is that a flash drive requires you to manually copy all your pictures and videos on it. But compared to that, the PhotoStick does not need you to manually copy each picture on to it. Just run the software and press ‘Go’ button for automatically copying all the pictures on your system to your drive. This allows for an easy transition.

Also while you might need to choose which pictures you need to copy on a flash drive individually that is not the case with the other device. While you might not consider this necessary, often times we have downloaded images and pictures to a folder and forget where it was. This makes it very difficult to search up the images and requires a manual search. You might not even remember the name of the picture you have downloaded that makes this a really difficult task. But with the PhotoStick you just need to press Go and it will find the picture and copy them.

One more benefit is that it automatically finds any pictures that are already on the drive and does not copy them on it. It also deletes and duplicates that you might have on your system from itself after copying them. This makes organizing pictures very easy. It separates the pictures and videos and places them in separate folders. Meanwhile, on a traditional flash drive you need to firstly find the pictures and videos. Then you have to individually copy them from folder to folder on to the drive. And if you already have those files copied then you have to click on the prompt so that it does not copy them.

So the PhotoStick is worth each and every cent that it costs. Because it is the smart solution for backing up your images. This is specifically designed to make things simpler for people who do not have knowledge of computers. Sometimes navigating the operating system and finding the data can be a tough job if you are a novice. But the PhotoStick does not discriminate, just clicking Go will solve all your problems and backup your images and videos.

What Are Its Requirements?

This is the best part, the PhotoStick is compatible with most devices, even your android phones. But for that you will need the PhotoStick Mobile, which has a micro USB plug. This allows you to plug it directly into your phones and create a backup of your images that you need. But you need to purchase that separately. Here we are reviewing the desktop version.

For the desktop version, you just need Windows or MacOS. Specifically speaking in Windows you need Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. In MacOS you need the Mac OS X Version 10.7 and later.

With such a vast compatibility for the software, this device is essential for people who use either a Mac or a Windows system.

Why Is the PhotoStick so Special?

There are a few things that make this device so special. This device does not require you to make any efforts in the least. It literally does all the backing up for you. This saves so much time and you can just plug it in leave it be and go and fix yourself a cup of coffee while it does its magic. This helps in multitasking significantly. Let us go through some specifics that will further explain why this device is so special.

Compatibility: As we had said earlier on, this device is literally compatible with the most famous operating systems. There is also one for android devices that you can purchase if you want to easily backup data from your smart phone. Other than that if you use any version of Windows after Windows XP, you can use this device. For Mac it is similar if you use any version of it after 10.7 then your device is compatible. So regardless of what kind of system you are on, if you use one of these famous operating systems, then all you need is a USB port and you are set.

No Internet Required: When you are using your iCloud and your internet stops working your data backup stops. Not only can you not access your files but you cannot back them up either. And worst case scenario, for some reason Apple or any other cloud service logs you out and you forget the password, you lose access to your precious files. This has been the bane of many people’s memories and data in the past. Not only that, cloud services can be hacked, but when it comes to the PhotoStick, you don’t need any sort of internet connection. You just need a USB port and a working system to back up the data on it. Not only this is more secure but you have the most minimal risk of losing your private data and personal memories.

One Click Solution: Making a backup of your images and videos has never been easier. Just running the software from the drive and clicking Go on the software does it all. You do not even need to monitor the software, it does everything for you. Have you ever had a moment when you leave someone on copying and after you come back you see that only 10% of the data was copied and a prompt stopped the copy process? If you have ever had that moment, you would understand why this device is such a lifesaver. It gives you a chance to do something while the software copies the data itself.

Multiple Format Support: There are many formats of pictures and images. These can be hard to spot when you are copying files. But the PhotoStick copies most image formats itself, it has a vast variety of formats it supports and copies on to itself without you having to identify each and every one. Regardless of what icon it shows, if it is a video or image file that has a format the device recognizes, it will copy it on to it.

Automatic and Easy: If you are someone who does not know how to navigate the operating system efficiently and gets stuck in folders, this is the device for you. Why? Because this device does not require anyone to have a degree in computer science to use. With two easy steps that anyone who knows how to use a mouse can pull off, your pictures and videos are backed up. That is how easy it is to use this device. Just plug in the device in a USB port. After that run the program associated with your operating system. There will be two of them. If you use Windows, click on that, if you use Mac click on that program. Once the program starts, there will be a big green button that says ‘Go’. Pressing that button will do everything automatically for you. It searches your system for pictures and videos and backs them up from it.

Safe and Secure Backup: If you copy your files in your computer and think your pictures are safe, you are far from right. Because a hard drive can get corrupted, your Windows can get corrupted or your system can crash. Once that happens there are only a limited number of ways you can get your pictures back. And even then chances are that the data is corrupted and broken and the file does not work anymore. This has happened quite often when a virus invades our computer and breaks data and corrupts it. But when your data is on the PhotoStick, you do not need to worry about this. Once your data is on the device, you are free from worries. The data is secure, no virus can corrupt your data backup, and no hacker can hack it. Your images and videos which are important to you will stay with you.

What Is the Storage Capacity of the PhotoStick?

If you have a lot of pictures in your system, you might want to consider buying the 128GB storage PhotoStick. But for those who do not have a lot of pictures in their possession they might want to buy the 8GB variant instead. These are the total number of variants available of the PhotoStick for desktop or laptop systems.

  • First is the smallest 8 GB capacity that can hold store around 3,500 pictures.
  • Second is the medium storage of 64 GB capacity that can store 30,000 pictures.
  • Lastly is the 128 GB capacity which can store 60,000 pictures with ease.
  • There is also a 1 TB capacity external drive, but it is less portable but offers great storage.

The software is prebuilt in the drive and you just have to plug it in and click on the one that corresponds to your operating system. With just a click of a button save images and videos in your drive within minutes. This system makes the PhotoStick an incredibly easy and useful tool for making backups.

Pros and Cons of the PhotoStick

There are cons to everything, but it is the matter of the pros outweighing the cons. When the pros do outweigh the cons, then it means that the thing that you plan on purchasing is more beneficial. When we are talking about the cons of the PhotoStick, there are only a few. They are hugely outweighed by the pros and are not even worth mentioning. But this being an honest review, we will try to be as partial as possible.


  • Very easy to use software
  • Requires no knowledge of computers whatsoever
  • Saves time by automatically scanning and copying files
  • Does not require supervision for any prompts as it does everything itself
  • Copies images and videos in a matter of minutes
  • Scans the images and videos on your system by itself
  • Has an automatic system
  • Free delivery and if you are not satisfied then a 30-day guarantee
  • It filters out any duplicates to save space
  • Has the capacity to store up to 60,000 images
  • The functionality of the PhotoStick makes it worth its cost
  • Discounts when purchasing more than one
  • Supports a variety of formats


  • Limited stock
  • Does not have a 32 GB variant which is odd

As you can see, the list of pros is huge while there are barely any noticeable cons. The cons are not even related to the functionality of the device itself. This makes the device incredibly efficient in its task.

Technical Features

So the PhotoStick does not require any internet or Wi-Fi connection, it just requires a USB connection to your system. It does the job itself without even needing to attend to it. It scans images throughout your system without having to worry about where all the files are.

There are barely any other easy and convenient backup options available in the market. It is way better than any other traditional means of saving files. As it does not crash like a typical traditional computer can due to many complications.

It has support for a wide array of formats, from the normal JPEG to PNG and much more. In video it can support MPEG 4 to AVI and the list of supported format is huge. We will discuss them shortly in another section.

If you have any old computers running any outdated versions of operating systems the PhotoStick has support for them. If you have any old computers from your college time that use Windows XP, then you can use this device to retrieve any old images and videos. You can revive your memories that you had saved up on your device and back them up. This can revive your old images and videos and keep them safe. The same can be said about the Mac, where you can save images from the older versions of the MacOS.

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Benefits of Purchasing a PhotoStick

If you are still not convinced about why you should purchase your own PhotoStick yet, then let us look at some of the benefits of buying it.

  • You do not have to pay any monthly subscription fees that you might have to for having cloud storage online. It is a onetime investment and does not require you to cough up money every month. It is not like a rental device or anything, you just buy it and backup data as many times as you want to. You can use the device as many times as you have to without worrying. You are the owner of the device once you purchase it.
  • Organize, scan and backup your images and videos with ease. While there are other software which can perform similar tasks, but they are very expensive. They also might have monthly subscriptions if you want to carry on using them. Not to mention they might require an internet connection which makes it susceptible to hacking. There is no information whatsoever that the software might be sending your data to another remote computer. On one hand, there is a huge risk, but when it comes to the PhotoStick there are no risks associated whatsoever. It organizes, scans and backs up your data weekly.
  • As we said, clouds are vulnerable to attacks from hackers. The biggest example is how Apple had its Cloud hacked. Many celebrities lost their personal and private pictures which was a disaster for their reputation. It was their personal belonging and should have been kept private. Someone as big as Apple was hacked, what are the chances any other cloud service would do better? This is just an example of how hackers can get into personal and private data and steal it or worst infect it with a virus and corrupt it. But since the PhotoStick is an offline solution and does not require any internet, your data is safe and secure from any attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Your memories are safe on a backup drive like this. Your computer might crash, your hard drive might develop bad sectors, but your PhotoStick will remain unharmed. It will stay that way and will keep all of your memories and your personal pictures and videos safe. You will not have any trouble related to crashes with this device whatsoever.
  • You are saving so much time that you might have to spend searching for pictures and videos on your system. Not only that but you are also able to organize pictures and videos efficiently. The PhotoStick does all of this itself and does not require your attention in the least. Just pressing one button helps you finish the task by itself. You can save time and spend that time on other productive activities like working or even fixing yourself a cup of coffee.

How Fast Is the PhotoStick?

Here is an example of how much time it would take you to create a backup of your images and videos on any other storage device. First, it would take your time to find the folders where your data is. After that, you will take your time to sort which images you need to copy and which are already on the disk. After that, you will be taking the time to individually copying them from each folder while repeating all the above steps. This can take hours of time off your day which could have been spent more productively.

But when you own a PhotoStick, that time is reduced to a mere 15-20 minutes. Even then you are free to do something else while the software does its job. Because the software does it all by itself, you do not need to give it attention. It will scan all the folders of your system, it will then copy the images and videos and neglecting any duplicates that are already in the device. It can copy thousands of images within minutes. So it literally takes a fraction of the time you would have spent backing up this data using a flash drive or traditional hard drive.

This makes the PhotoStick considerably fast. There are plenty of features built in the software as well that you can browse if you are familiar with the computer. But for those who are not very familiar and just need to create back up of their pictures and videos just need to press one button and let the software does its job.

Supported Formats

In this section, we will explore all the supported formats that the PhotoStick will recognize automatically and create a backup for them. Almost all image formats are covered by the software on the device. You literally do not have to worry about any file types that will not be copied and backed up. But here is a list of the formats of pictures supported by the software:

  • JPEG (All JPEG formats including JPG, JPEG, JPE, JIFIF)
  • GIF (Animated images or Gifs)
  • PNG (Has higher resolution)
  • BMP (This includes BMP, RLE, DIB)
  • ICO
  • Camera RAW image formats
  • PSD (These are Adobe Photoshop images and include PSD, PDD)
  • PICT Format

With this many formats supported for backing up images, you can literally miss no important picture. Similarly, the PhotoStick also recognizes all of the popular video formats as well. Here is the list of the supported video formats that the software will recognize and back up in the device automatically:

  • MOV (this includes MOV, QT Formats)
  • MPEG4 (Most popular one being MP4, also includes MPEG4, M4V)
  • AVI
  • WMV

With most popular video formats supported, just let the software do the job for you. Scan and recognize the available formats and copy them in the device.

Available Settings on the PhotoStick

If you are someone who is somewhat familiar with the world of computer and can navigate settings considerably well, here is a guide for the settings and options on the PhotoStick.

When you open the software, the second buttons beside the My Photos/Videos button is the settings button. Pressing it will open another window on which you can see 4 tabs on the top.

File Locations

This is one of the most important options available in the settings menu. You might think to yourself, will there not be many images in the Windows folder where you have installed your operating system. Or maybe there will be some image data which is useless in the program files which is associated with the software. There might be the icon files and videos for the software that you have installed in your system right? But that is the beauty of this option in the settings.

In file location, you can actually select a path directory which you do not want to be scanned. It will specifically leave out the Windows and Program Files folders if you put them in the ‘Folders to Skip’ option.

While you might want to back up images and videos from a specific folder to your PhotoStick. For that, we recommend you to select the drive that you want to scan and place it in the ‘Folders to Scan for Photos/Videos’ option. This allows you to make sure that the software scans that particular drive and directory to make a backup of it.

Photo File Types

The second option after the File Location tab is the Photo File Types. Here you can tell the PhotoStick which file formats it has to copy from the path or directory you have selected to scan. This will allow you to scan those particular formats and skip on any ones that you know you did not save the files in.

There are many formats that your system keeps, for instance, icon files are also image files and are used for icons. These are used as icons for shortcuts and execution files. So if you are someone who knows that they do not want such data in your drive then just make sure that the option is not checked.

But most image formats are supported, specifically the popular ones like JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD and RAW image files that are usually snapped on a professional camera.

Video File Types

If you are unsure about which video files do you want to copy, then better check all the options in this tab. But if you are sure which ones to save, just check that format and let the software do the job. Most popular video formats are available for you to check on. MP4 and AVI are one of the most popular video formats and are available on the software. The software will recognize these formats automatically and back them up.


This one is a bit more advanced and should not be tampered with unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. Basically there are a few options here that will allow you to not skip any duplicate files if you want to keep them. There is an option that you must uncheck which skips duplicate files. When you uncheck it, it will also back up any duplicates. There is also the option to exclude any images under a certain size.

For instance, you are sure that the smallest picture that is important to you is around 100KB just type that and it will not include pictures smaller than that in your backup. You can tamper around with it if you know the size of the images that your camera takes.

With so many settings available to your disposal, using this software becomes even more convenient. You can change any setting you want if you are aware of the changes you want to make. Otherwise, the default settings are good enough and the PhotoStick will do what it does best and scan and backup images effortlessly on your end.

What Are Other Methods of Backing Up Data and Are They Worth It?

There are basically a few ways you can back up your data. There is the most obvious one that most Apple users must be familiar with, the cloud. There are many available service providers for cloud storage. Google also has its own cloud storage, but the problem is, is it secure? When Apple could not keep its cloud service secure from being hacked, chances are slim for anyone else.

Why take the risk of getting your important images leaked for the whole world to look at? Cloud is as secure as the server you are storing the data at. When a giant like Apple could not keep their servers secure, you should not trust online storage solutions. The PhotoStick is offline, it does not require an internet connection or Wi-Fi internet. It is plug and play and does not need you to install any software like most cloud service providers ask you to do.

On the other hand, we have optical disks. You can burn your image and video data on optical disks using an optical disk drive. One of the biggest issues using an optical disk is that they are not very reliable. They are flimsy and even a few scratches might cause it to lose data. Besides not all computers these days are equipped with an optical disk drive these days. To be honest optical disk drives are obsolete unless your work requires you to burn DVDs and CDs.

There are also Blu-ray disks and optical drives that burn on them. But even Blu-ray has a limited life span. Sooner or later they stop working even if you have made sure to give them plenty of care. But the PhotoStick can be used indefinitely for as long as you take care of it properly. You can reuse it plenty of times and keep your data safe and secure.

There is a traditional external hard drive as well. Which is basically a mechanical hard drive that can be connected to the computer using a USB port. It is similar to the PhotoStick external drive with 1TB storage. But for that, you will need to do everything manually. You will need to select folders, images and videos yourself and copy them yourself. You might miss important data that you want to copy. But that is not the case when you have reliable software like the PhotoStick. It scans your whole computer and creates a backup of your data by itself.

There are other similar devices like the PhotoStick. But compared to them, the PhotoStick is fast and reliable. It has been tested by many customers and you can find many customer testimonies online. A lot of tech enthusiasts have also reviewed the device as well. They trust the device’s performance and have given it a thumbs up of approval. We also have had a great experience using this device. We personally prefer using it for creating frequent backups of our visual data.

The same is the case with a flash drive, it also lacks a software that does things for you. Compared to that the PhotoStick has an incredibly easy to use and reliable software. It performs all the actions you want it to without having to attend to it every few minutes.

Can You Use PhotoStick on Your Smartphone?

The PhotoStick software can be used on your smartphones using the PhotoStick mobile version. Although not part of the review, we wanted to tell you that there is the convenience of purchasing a mobile version. With it you can get the similar reliable performance of the desktop version but for your smartphone. It makes backing up photo and video data on your phone very fast and easy. You can directly connect it to your phone without having to first transfer pictures to your PC or Mac.

Using the mobile version is also as easy and convenient as the desktop version. It automatically scans all the pictures and videos on your phone regardless of which folder you might have saved it in. Sometimes when you download things on your browsers, specifically pictures and you forget to name them they are saved in the download folder of the browser. Finding it can be difficult as there are tons of folders to navigate in the phone. Instead of navigating the whole phone storage to find the pictures you need to back up, let the software do its work.

When you have the convenience of connecting the PhotoStick directly to the phone, what else would you need?

Is the PhotoStick Costly?

Here is the thing, you might think something like this must be costly. But to be honest it is way cheaper than any subscription you might have for cloud storage. Not only that, clouds charge monthly or annually, while the PhotoStick is a onetime investment. You are free to use it as many times as you like to use it once you purchase it. You own it, it’s yours, use it at your discretion. Rather than having to pay money monthly for it, this is a much more affordable option. Not to mention it is already very affordable. Considering the reliable software it comes with, it is well worth its cost.

Even then once you look at the price tag of the device, you will not find it costly in the least. We had mentioned earlier that there are 3 versions available which are portable. Their prices are as follows:

  • The first one, which is the cheapest and has 8 GB storage costs around $34.99. It can save up to around 3,500 pictures with ease and you are getting a 30% discount on it.
  • The second one has medium storage of 64 GB and costs about $49.99. It has the capacity to store 30,000 pictures in it without any problems and you are getting a 40% discount on the original price.
  • The large version, which is the 128 GB variant costs about $79.99 and can store a huge amount of 60,000 pictures on it with relative ease and you are also getting 50% discount on it from the original price.

The delivery of the product is free of cost and not only that. If the software and the PhotoStick does not work as you expected it to you can get your money back with a 30-day Guarantee. There are not many services that provide you with a money back guarantee like this.

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Who Is This for?

This is basically for anyone who wants to create safe backups of their pictures and videos. You do not have to be a specialist in anything. Everyone has pictures in their smartphone devices and computers. They want to keep those pictures safe. That is what this device does and this is why the PhotoStick is for everyone.

Since it is so easy to use anyone could use it. Even people who are not up to date with technology can use this, this is how easy it is. Whether you are a specialist or someone who just wants to keep their memory safe, you can use this device. But if you are someone who earns his bread and butter through taking pictures and videos, this is the ideal device for you. Photographers earn money by taking pictures. If their PC crashes it can become a huge problem. But with the PhotoStick you can create frequent backups.

If you have an old computer and want to salvage old pictures from it, this is the best device for you. Since it supports older versions of operating systems, it makes it ideal for salvaging memories from older computers. We have personally used it for that purpose and saved many memories from an old computer using Windows XP. The biggest benefit is that we did not have to do a full search of the computer as it did it automatically. It created a backup safely and we ejected the drive.

We were then able to put those images in our other computer and also kept a copy on the PhotoStick for safe storage. Since computers can crash at any given moment, it’s great to have a backup.

Does PhotoStick Require Installations?

We told you this before that the software for the PhotoStick software comes preinstalled on the drive itself. You do not need to install any software whatsoever on the computer if you want to run the drive. You just need to plug it in and open the software that corresponds to your operating system. After the software is on, you should just press the green ‘Go’ button and let it work its magic.

PhotoStick will not ask for any installation, internet connection for updates and any money later on in life after purchase. You just have to buy this drive once and it will let you run it as many times as you want. There is no monthly subscription fee, no updates, and no requirements other than the very few ones mentioned earlier.

We found this device to be extremely easy to use and honestly we feel the price for it is right on spot. We feel that this device delivers on its promise and does what it should without any difficulties. We have read a few reviews of people having trouble with their PhotoStick. But honestly with a 30-day money back guarantee, if something does go wrong, just get your money back. Though, we feel that you will not need to return this device as it works smoothly.

We tried using it on many of our devices, a MacBook, a Windows computer with multiple older versions just for the sake of review, and honestly we were surprised. The results were much better than what we had expected. Even other customer reviews weren’t as good as the results we got ourselves. As we said, we were able to salvage some really old pictures from an old computer thanks to this device.


  • Is the PhotoStick Costly?

We believe that the PhotoStick is not costly in the least. You are able to get an easy and reliable source for backing up your images. It is not every day that you take pictures. And when you do you would want to keep them safe. This is what makes this device so special, it helps you preserve those memories. Not only that, it is not overly expensive. With a 128 GB variant of the PhotoStick you can preserve up to 60,000 pictures with relative ease without any troubles whatsoever. And we have calculated this count if one picture is 2 MB big. Chances are there will be more pictures less than that estimate so you can store even more pictures on it. So for its capacity, its functionality and its reliability, it is not costly.

  • What computers can I use with the PhotoStick?

Basically any computer which has a USB port and also has an operating system supported by the PhotoStick. The two most used operating systems are compatible with it. Not to mention that the older versions of the operating system are also supported making it extremely convenient to use. So even if you are comfortable with an older version of any operating system rather than the new one, you can use this drive without issues.

  • Does it require installation?

You do not need to install any software whatsoever on the computer to run PhotoStick. It comes with its own software installed on the drive and does not require anything else. It will not ask you for an internet connection or Wi-Fi password. It is basically plug and play and you just need to plug it in to make it work.

  • Is there any monthly fee for using the software on the PhotoStick?

There is no monthly subscription for using the software. After purchasing the PhotoStick you are the proud owner of the drive. You can use it as many times as you want as compared to a cloud where you rent storage space.

  • Is the software difficult to navigate?

We have yet to find easier software for creating backups of your data. You just run the software, press go, it automatically scans and creates a backup. It also skips making a backup of any duplicate images or videos to conserve space. This helps make it very organized and easy to navigate. Even if you are someone new to using computers, you can easily use this device to create a backup of your images.

  • What are the different size variants available for the PhotoStick?

There are basically 3 sizes for the PhotoStick. There is the 8 GB variant which can store around 3,500 images. The next one is a 64 GB variant which can easily store up to 30,000 pictures. While the last and the biggest one has 128 GB of storage on it and can easily store 60,000 pictures without issues. There is also a 1 TB variant but it is more of an external hard drive. But if you have a lot of data you need to back up with ease, then that is what you should aim for instead.

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