Data storage is costly these days. You cannot exaggerate the importance of privacy and security of data these days. But there is a limit to how much storage you have in your computer device or smartphones. That is why there are external storage devices. A Photo Stick is such a device that is specifically designed to scan and extract images and videos of your computer device.

Photo Sticks are not limited to just a computer though. Smartphones are way ahead of what a computer could do back in the day. And with the added functionality of being able to take pictures and videos is just superb. There is not a moment in our lives we can miss these days thanks to our smart phones. Whenever you want to take a picture, just using our phone does the job. Before we needed to have a camera on hand for such a task.

But even then the storage capacity of these smart phones and computer devices is very limited. After storing some tens of thousands of pictures you end up with full storage. People usually use their cloud storage to upload these pictures and lighten up their phones. But is cloud such a smart decision? It requires an internet connection also clouds are not secure they are online servers after all. That is where the Photo Sticks shine the most.

Why Would You Need a Photo Stick?

Well, there are very few means of creating backups of your pictures and videos these days. We mentioned one above in the intro, cloud storage. But we also pointed out the hazards of cloud storage. Not too long ago Apple’s iCloud was hacked and a lot of people’s private data ended up public. This is not the first incident either. Clouds can be hacked by a proficient and powerful hacker regardless of security checks. That is one of the biggest problems of an online storage solution.

Not to mention you need to be online to even use cloud storage. You do not have access to Wi-Fi or internet all the time. What will you do when you need to create a backup of your pictures on the smartphone to free up space urgently?

That is where a photo stick will be the most beneficial of all. There are some really decent products that do all the work for you. For instance, one of the most famous one, the PhotoStick and PhotoStick Mobile version. This product does all the work for you and does not require you to install anything on your PC. For the mobile version you need to install a free app from your app store but does not require an internet connection to work.

The Best Photo Sticks in 2020

1) ThePhotoStick 128GB

The PhotoStick is regarded as one of the best photo and video backup solution. It is smart, it is easy to use and very fast. The market has a lot of photo sticks but this one stands out the most. We have personally used the PhotoStick and found it to be most convenient. It is one of the easiest ways to create a backup and that too within minutes. You would be surprised by how easy it is to use the PhotoStick software and scan and automatically backup your pictures and videos.

First of all, there is no installation required for the software to run. It is already present on the PhotoStick. It is just plugged and play so anyone who is not very proficient with the computer can also use it. By just opening the software corresponding to your operating system you can create a backup with the click of one button only.

It does not require any internet connection, and it recognizes most picture and video formats. Also with options, you can exclude file paths that you do not want the software to scan and create a backup of. But otherwise, it does most of the work for you. You do not have to select any folders or pictures you want to copy. Also the best part, it neglects duplicates and skips copying them on the drive. So basically you cannot make duplicate backups of any pictures that are already on the drive.


  • No internet connection required
  • No installation needed
  • Automatically creates a backup on the press of one button
  • Has plenty of storage
  • Skips duplicates
  • Fast and secure


  • Mobile version separate
  • Limited quantity available

2) Photo Backup Stick

Here we have another product to create a backup of your pictures and videos. The Photo Backup Stick is a smart backup creator which has a bit more compatibility. It can run on Windows, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhones. By default, it has a USB-A interface on the back and an iPhone and iPad charger interface on the front. It is secured with a cap and comes included with adapters for USB-C and micro-USB interfaces. This allows it to be used on any smartphone device.

It comes with its software on the stick so no need to download or anything. With the inclusion of the additional adapters, you do not have to buy different variants of the device. The Photo Backup Stick comes in a lot of storage space variants. We start off from 8 GB all the way up to 256 GB.

The only complaint we would have of this device would be its high price. Compared to other photo sticks out there, it is pretty expensive. If it is worth its price or not, we will let you be the judge of that. But in our testing, it worked fine and the software was not very sophisticated. It was easy to use and we were able to create backups fast. With the press of one button, it was able to scan and find pictures and videos on our devices without us needing to guide any file path or location.


  • Software Included
  • Automatically scans and creates a backup of your pictures and videos
  • A lot of variants based on storage space
  • Universal thanks to the inclusion of adapters
  • Comes in a high storage space variant of 256 GB
  • Easy to use software


  • Very expensive
  • A lot of adapters to carry around

3) Picture Keeper

The Picture Keeper is another interesting backup device. This photo stick requires you to install software to utilize it. Once you install the software which is included, it is quite easy to use. It does not require any internet connection either. It can also be plugged into a printer as well so there is that. The software has a really neat design. It has an interactive, easy to use and very well designed software. The only problem is you have to install it on board your system to make it work. Meanwhile, the PhotoStick already has the software on the device itself.

But once you are done installing the software things become really easy. Another complaint we do have, however, for the Picture Keeper is that the highest storage space you get on it is 32 GB. There are special packages on buying two of them together if you want more storage space. But then again that means you are severely limited by the space. Also, it is a tad bit expensive when you buy it as a package of two.

But the software has a unique function that allows the use of two Picture Keeper backup devices. If one of your Picture Keeper devices gets full during the backup, insert the other and it will continue where the previous one left off. You do not have to remember what files were copied and which weren’t. This is a unique feature indeed.


  • Software included
  • Easy to use software
  • No downloads required
  • Does not require an internet connection
  • Unique feature allows for use of multiple Picture Keeper devices


  • Installation required
  • Expensive and small storage space

4) SanDisk 128GB Ultra Dual Drive M3.0

SanDisk is not an ordinary brand. In fact, if you have ever used a flash drive and micro SD card, you probably know of this brand. It is a pretty famous, big and reliable company which is renowned and preferred by professionals. Many professional photographers actually prefer SanDisk memory cards over other brands. This USB storage device is multiple-use, it can be used for creating backups on not only on your PC/Mac but also on Android.

Just enabling the OTG and plugging it into your phone allows it to act as secondary storage. But by installing the free app on Google Play Store named SanDisk Memory Zone, you can easily manage picture and video backups. The software is free of cost and does not require an internet connection after installation.

There is no software for the PC though so there is that. You cannot scan and create backups without the help of third party software. This is kind of disappointing. But this device is solid, very portable and not to mention immensely affordable. It is one of the cheapest flash drives and not to mention that the transfer speed is incredibly fast. Though it does lack option for an iPhone and Type-C ports.


  • Free Software for Phone to create and manage backups
  • Incredibly cheap
  • Reliable and fast
  • Has a lot of storage variants available
  • Retractable design


  • No Software for PC/Mac
  • No included adapters for type-C and iPhone/iPad

5) Richwell Photo Stick for iPhone/iPad 128 GB

This is another example of a photo stick with very limited software compatibility. Although it works great as a storage device for Android and PC/Mac. But that is all it will be for those devices, a simple flash drive. But for the iPhone/iPad it comes with the support of a third party software. The Richwell USB Photo Stick comes with a dual design and can be plugged into either an iPhone/iPad or PC and Android. The PC and Android adapter are in the same slot and can be interchanged easily without any problems.

The only issues we have with this is that there is no support for type-C phones. With more phones moving towards type-C ports, we would have loved an added adapter at least like with the PhotoStick Mobile and Photo Backup Stick. It comes in multiple colour options and this one, in particular, is pink.

The USB interface is 3.0 meaning the transfer is comparatively fast. It also has back-compatibility meaning will work with USB 2.0 and below. The only issue we have is with this device is limited software support, that too with a third party app. But it is plug and play and acts as a secondary storage device for Android and PC. It is also pretty cheap.


  • Functional design
  • Free software for iPhone/iPad
  • Has lightning interface along with Android and USB-A
  • Affordable


  • No Software for PC and Android
  • Transfer speed less than other options


So we have discovered a lot of photo stick devices. Amongst which the PhotoStick, Photo Keeper and Photo Backup Stick are one of the best due to having great software support. These things can be a lifesaver when you require urgent space in your phone but cannot delete anything as everything is important.