Have you ever faced the issue where your phone storage gets full while you are recording a fun video? You have too many pictures and videos on your phone and you forgot to back them up? You cannot delete the old pictures and videos as they are your memories. But if you had ThePhotoStick Mobile, you would have a device to make a phone back up on the go. You do not need to connect your phone to a computer, internet or anything for that matter.

People often complain about phone storage problems. Specifically when they have too much data on it. And often we forget to backup those pictures and videos while we are using our PC or Mac. People often back up such data on their Google drives or iCloud on their Apple smartphone.

But these are things that require an internet connection. Data isn’t cheap that you use it to create a backup of your photo and videos on cloud either. These solutions are totally impractical specifically if you are in a place without internet. But ThePhotoStick Mobile solves your phone storage problems.

What Makes ThePhotoStick Mobile Stand out from Rest?

Selecting your pictures to backup might be an issue. Even if you select all your folders it might take time to select each individual folder. While the smart and intuitive PhotoStick Mobile software allows you to create a backup with just one push. Just by selecting to backup all of your pictures and your videos, it automatically scans and creates a backup. This is done without you needing to guide it where all your data is.

It is smart, small, portable and very easy to use. The UI or user interface does not require tons of knowledge. Just a push of a button and you are ready to go. There are tons of tutorials online on how to make ThePhotoStick Mobile work. But honestly, once you get your hands on it, you will feel that those tutorials are unnecessary. This device makes creating backups very easy.

There are two variants of ThePhotoStick Mobile, one for the iPhone users and other for Android users. The Android one comes with a micro-USB connection, but a Type-C adapter is also included. Using that you can connect it directly with a Type-C port if your phone has one.

Both variants also have a USB interface to connect it to your Windows PC or Mac both. That way you can create a backup of your images and videos on your computer device as well afterwards. You can view them on your computer with ease by exploring the contents of ThePhotoStick Mobile USB.

PhotoStick Mobile vs iCloud and Google Drive

Imagine going to the countryside on a camping trip. There are literally no signals there, yet alone internet or Wi-Fi signals. Even portable internet solutions would easily fail there. But you know what wouldn’t? The PhotoStick Mobile won’t fail as it does not require any internet. Just having it on the hand solves each and every one of your problem.

While the iCloud on your Apple iPhone and Google Drive on your android require internet, PhotoStick mobile does not. Not every time you will have a stable internet connection. But at any moment you might require to free up space. It is fast, it is reliable, it is secure, and safe since it does not require an internet connection.

Also have you heard of iCloud getting hacked and people’s personal data getting leaked? Yes there is that fear as well, that your personal pictures and videos might get hacked. That is why a cloud storage is not the safest way to create a backup of your data. Apple is not an ordinary company, it is one of the biggest tech giants on the planet. If they could not keep your data safe from hackers, we doubt any cloud company can. Meanwhile ThePhotoStick Mobile is safe and secure since you do not have to connect it to the internet. Your phone stays safe and so does your data and personal belongings.

Not to mention all the money you are saving on cloud services.

The PhotoStick Mobile as a Portable Solution

You might not have your PC or Mac at hand all the time either. If you did, you might have been able to copy the data. Besides who carries around a laptop or MacBook with them all the time. They are heavy and might impede you from travelling freely. Yes there are very light laptops these days. But would they fit in your pocket? There are not as many portable solutions as ThePhotoStick Mobile out there these days.

Not only that, even if you copy data from your phone to your computer device, you need to copy data individually. You need to find the folders with the pictures as well. That might be a headache knowing the number of directories present on a smartphone. Also sometimes pictures and videos you download through your browser are saved in other locations. So unless you want to waste your time finding the pictures, just use a PhotoStick to make a backup.

So lighten your load, decrease your luggage on the trips with this device. Carrying around a computer device for backup would just impede you. Not to mention it is a risk as you can easily damage your computer device on a trip. These things are fragile and also they cost tons. Damaging these would be tantamount to wasting so much money. But you can just use ThePhotoStick Mobile to create a backup of your data on the phone and then copy it on your computer device when you get back home.

Key Benefits of ThePhotoStick Mobile

Save Costs: Have you ever subscribed to any cloud service? After a certain limit you have to start paying more if you want to increase your storage space. Cloud services can cost you a lot. Not only that you require an internet connection to access the cloud. If you are outside the range of a working Wi-Fi connection it would require data. Data can become costly if you are backing up Gigabytes of data at a time. But ThePhotoStick Mobile is a onetime investment. Once you buy it, you can use it as many times as you want. You do not have to pay more for anything, the software is free of charge as well.

Secure: We cannot stress enough on online security these days. When you are online, you are always being tracked. Your search history is not safe, anything you search always comes up in ads on Facebook and Google. There is always a chance that your data can be hacked. But since ThePhotoStick Mobile does not require an internet connection, you can rest assured. Not only that, we also mentioned how clouds are not safe as well. They can be hacked as well, regardless of how many security checks these huge companies put up. But this device allows you to create backups and keep them safe from any prying eyes.

Fast and Reliable: Have you ever tried uploading a gigabyte of your photos on a cloud? It takes tons of time. Even copying it from your phone to your computer device takes a lot of time. But ThePhotoStick Mobile is fast. It works so fast and saves you so much time on the backup process. But that is not all. When you are copying pictures off your phone to your computer or saving them on your cloud, you need to select folders which have the pictures. They can be anywhere on the phone, the camera folder might be easily accessible. But what about the ones you downloaded from your phone browser? It would take time to find the location of those pictures and videos. But this device automatically scans and just backs up any pictures and videos you have on your phone.

Portable: Portability is the name of the game. As we said earlier, that ThePhotoStick mobile is a very portable device. It can easily fit in your pockets without you having to worry about baggage space. If you take your laptop or MacBook on your trip, you will impede yourself from moving freely. But this device just fits in your pocket and you can take it anywhere you want. It is very small, does not weigh much at all and both the USB plugs on it are secured with a cap. Meanwhile your mobile computer device like a laptop or MacBook can easily get damaged. And we all know how much they cost. Would you risk it?

How Does It Work?

The PhotoStick Mobile works as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Literally it requires no effort or knowledge to use the software it is that easy. You would be surprised by how easy the interface of the software is as well.

Just take the cap off the micro-USB plug on your device, insert it into the port of your Android smartphone or iPhone. After that launch ThePhotoStick Mobile application which you can find for free on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. After launching the app just tap the option that says backup your files. After that you will have a prompt that asks you whether you want to create a backup of your whole phone storage or select files to backup. The first option will scan the phone automatically and then back up every image and video it finds on it. The second option allows you to select the files which you want to backup.

Wasn’t that easy? The interface is very clear and straightforward. Does not require you to setup anything. Just tapping two buttons gives you a backup within minutes. It works so fast on making the backup that you would be surprised. Even a bigger memory would not take more than 10-20 minutes for a full backup. That is if your phone memory is 64 GB or similar.

The PhotoStick Mobile has 3 variants to suit your needs. For instance if you have a smartphone with 16 GB of storage space, you can just get the 32 GB one. If you have a bigger phone with a bigger memory or storage space, the 64 GB would suffice. But if you have something like the iPhone 128 GB, then the 128 GB PhotoStick Mobile.

With so many options, and all of them at a very affordable price, ThePhotoStick Mobile is a life saver.

Key Features:

Some of the major key features of this device are as follows:

  • It creates a backup of your pictures and videos without you needing to guide and find them.
  • It makes a backup of your data within minutes.
  • It is free after purchase, it does not cost like clouds do for expanding storage and monthly subscriptions. These subscriptions at first seem cheap but as time goes on they are more costly.
  • It does not require any internet connection. Clouds on the other hand to.
  • It accepts multiple formats and not just the standard one. If you ever downloaded a picture or video from any other source and want to preserve it, PhotoStick mobile will recognize it and save it.
  • You can save up to 60,000 pictures and videos on ThePhotoStick mobile. You don’t have to worry about completely using up the memory.
  • Connects easily and does not require any setting up for the device itself. The software that automatically scans and backs up images and data is free of cost and available on all popular platforms.
  • It is compact, portable and easily fits in your pocket.

These are some of the main key features of this device.

Backup and Restore Instantly

Has your phone ever gotten slow and freezes up a lot? It sometimes requires you to format your phone. Where do you put all your pictures and videos at? Would you back them up in your computer? What if your computer is not detecting the phone due to the very same issue? These scenarios might seem unlikely, but let us tell you, they are highly likely.

We have gone through these scenarios personally, and we have to use our phone’s backup software to backup contacts and other important data. But we end up losing our images and videos in the process of restoring our phone to default to fix the problems.

But what to do about the memories you have accumulated over the time on your phone through pictures and videos. Well worry not, with the easy to use, fast and reliable PhotoStick Mobile, you just backup all the data on it. It will make a backup of your images within minutes and you end up saving all your precious memories before your phone can be restored to defaults.

Then with a push of one button on the screen, you can restore all of the images as well. This is the beauty of this device. Not only can it be used to create backup of your images and videos, but also restore them. This can help you fix your phone yourself without having to go to anyone to get it fixed. You can just easily backup your important photos and video and reset the phone to its factory default setting. This will wipe out every software that was not supposed to be on the phone. Whether it is a malware, a virus or a software that slows your phone down.

After your phone’s issue is fixed you can just restore your images and videos back through ThePhotoStick Mobile app. You can also do that when you give your phone to someone for fixing it. This preserves all your data and saves your important data.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Some people might expect a lot more but not end up satisfied with ThePhotoStick Mobile. But that is okay, we all have that feeling in our lives with different products. They do not live up to their name. But this device lives up to its name and your expectations. It will perform as it says it does and provide you with the perfect backup device. But if for some reason you feel you are not satisfied or you feel that this is a scam, ThePhotoStick Mobile has a 30-day money back guarantee.

So you will always feel satisfied regardless of the situation. Whether you like this device or not, but we are sure you will love it as it really does what it says. It does not exaggerate in the least about what it says it does.

Also it is fast, it can be used as long as you want to use it. You do not have to pay any annual fee for ThePhotoStick Mobile itself or its free app. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store platform or the App Store on Apple. You are more than welcome to try and see if it really is the real deal.

The best part is, the shipping is free of cost. Yes, you heard that right, you do not have to pay the shipping fee either. So the price that is mentioned on the official site is the price you pay. There are no hidden costs associated with this device whatsoever.

Also did we mention it is compatible with both the MacOS and Windows operating system? So whether you use a Windows laptop or PC or a Mac or MacBook, you are set to go. You do not need to install any software on the computer to view the images either. You just plug the device in your computer’s USB port and it will automatically pick it up. Use your computer’s explorer to view and explore your backup images and videos.


Is the Photo Stick Mobile hard to use?

The PhotoStick Mobile is extremely easy to use. You just need to plug it on your smartphone’s micro-USB port and launch the app. By pushing the backup button it will give a prompt on whether you want to create the whole phone’s backup or selected files. You can either select the images and videos you want to backup. Or let the app scan the whole phone and backup all of the images and videos.

Where can we download the app from?

The app is available on the most popular platforms, Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. You can download the app from these platforms free of cost.

Does it support smartphones with Type-C ports?

By default ThePhotoStick has a micro-USB interface to plug into smartphones of all kinds. But if you do own a type-C port, you do not need to worry in the least. That is because the device comes with a micro-USB to USB Type-C adapter which can be used to plug it into type-C ports. This allows it to be used with all manners of android smartphones.

Does ThePhotoStick Mobile work on both Android and iPhone?

The PhotoStick Mobile comes in two variations. One is for Android smartphones and the other one is for iPhones. So if you own an Android, you can choose the first one, if you own an Apple iPhone just go for the second one.

Can you use ThePhotoStick Mobile to backup data on your computer?

There is another version of ThePhotoStick available for backing up images and videos on your computers. Whether it is a Windows or a Mac device, you can create safe, secure and fast backups using the desktop version of ThePhotoStick. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and does not requires any installations whatsoever. It backs up data on the click of one button automatically scanning the whole computer for images and videos.

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