Photos are one of the best ways to immortalize the memories of our loved ones. Nowadays, people take photographs for almost every occasion. The last thing you would want is to lose your beloved photos due to a hardware failure. You might think that photos can safely be stored in a computer’s drive, but you never know when it may crash taking your years of memories down with it.

Recovering data on a computer hard drive is even more of a hassle. This is the reason Backup Flash Drives such as Picture Keeper and Photo Stick were introduced. These devices provide you with an easy and efficient way to keep your photos safe and secure.

If you have decided to go with one of these flash drives, then the real challenge is deciding which one is the best for you? So, to help you make an informed decision here’s a detailed review of each of these devices.

Picture Keeper Review

If you do not like to use the conventional methods to backup photos, then hands down, Picture Keeper is one of the safest options you could go with. One of the key selling points of a Picture Keeper is that it is compatible with almost every device, thus, making it easily accessible.

You do not have to be tech-savvy to use a Picture Keeper. All the instructions you need to use it comes along with its packaging. In case you do find yourself running out of storage, you can always purchase more than 1 photo keepers to adequately store all your pictures.

Picture Keeper can especially be useful if you find yourself frequently running out of storage in your mobile. With the help of a photo keeper, you do not have to worry about constantly dealing with the “insufficient storage” notification.

Following are some of the key built-in features that you can find in a photo keeper:

  • Compatible with all operating systems.
  • Plug and play without any software installation.
  • Save and transform images automatically.

Core Benefits of using Picture Keeper

1) Backup Anytime, Anywhere

You heard that right, with the help of Picture Keeper, you can bid farewell to carrying your laptop or other bulky devices with you just for the sake of storing pictures. If you want to back pictures up, then with the help of a photo keeper, it can be done anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to connect your Picture Keeper to your Android or iOS device, it can be done effortlessly.

2) Multiple Account Support

One feature that truly stands out with Picture Keeper is that it supports multiple accounts. Unlike most regular storage devices, you do not have to independently purchase a Picture Keeper for every family member. What you can do instead is simply create multiple accounts and each member of your family can access their respective accounts to create and store their own photo albums!

3) Account Safety

One common concern you may have after hearing about its account feature is if whether using photo keeper is really safe? Well, do not worry because the makers of photo keeper value your privacy just as much as you do! You can lock your accounts to make sure that no one is able to access it without your permission and authorization.

4) Duplicate Recognition

Another amazing feature that photo keeper offers is that it can recognise duplicate features. This is something that you would not normally find in regular USB and storage devices, so it goes without saying that it can make your life easier. You would not have to spend your time scrolling through each photo and manually deleting the duplicates as photo keeper will automatically do the job for you with just a tap.

5) Multi-OS Support

Whether you use Mac, Windows or any other OS, there is nothing to worry about! Photo keeper is designed to be compatible with multiple operating systems, and the majority of the time, regardless of which device you are using, you would not have any problems connecting your photo keeper with it.

PhotoStick Review

Coming to The PhotoStick, similar to Picture Keeper, it is also a flash drive that is used to back up your pictures. However, the main twist with PhotoStick is the fact that it cannot be physically damaged or even be infected with viruses. The whole point of using PhotoStick is to make sure that you are able to safely store all your pictures, and without a doubt, it does a fine job of helping you do so.

Most people often have to waste their time uploading their pictures on cloud servers and pay a hefty amount for memberships. However, with The Photo Stick, you do not have to worry about that anymore. It is a one-time investment and comes with more than enough capacity to help you easily carry your pictures around regardless of where you are. Without requiring any internet connectivity, you can conveniently access all your pictures.

If that was not enough, then as soon as you plug your PhotoStick to your computer, it is automatically going to detect all the media on your computer and transfer it with just a single tap. Depending on the size of the PhotoStick you choose, you can store up to 60,000 pictures, which itself is pretty amazing!

Following are some of the key built-in features that you can find in a The PhotoStick:

  • AI Programming to easily keep the photos sorted.
  • Automatically detects media files on your computer.
  • Cannot be physically damaged or be infected by viruses.

Core Benefits of using The PhotoStick

1) Automatic Scanning

The idea of manually looking through each and every file in your PC sounds like too big of a hassle, doesn’t it? Well, with the help of The PhotoStick, this is going to become the least of your worries! With the help of its AI programming all the media on your PC is going to be automatically scanned. Within moments, you will easily be able to back up all the media to access it anytime you want regardless of where you are.

2) Duplicate Deletion

Similar to Picture Keeper, The PhotoStick also offers the feature to delete duplicated files. However, do not worry because it would only do so when you allow it. It often happens that we copy the same photos in our storage multiple times and then we have to scroll one by one to delete the duplicated ones individually. PhotoStick is going to help you avoid that hassle effortlessly.

3) Preserve your Memories

The PhotoStick is affordable and convenient to use. You do not have to worry about carrying numerous storage devices along with you when one PhotoStick is going to take care of everything for you. It often happens that when we are on a trip, we find ourselves short on storage to click more pictures. If you have The PhotoStick with you, then this is not going to be a reason for concern as you will conveniently be able to transfer all your photos into The PhotoStick.

Picture Keeper vs PhotoStick – The Final Showdown

After reading what Picture Keeper and The PhotoStick have to offer, you might be wondering which one’s the best. While both devices have their unique features and can come in handy in different scenarios, The PhotoStick is more convenient and simple to use. If your primary focus is to simply back up and keep all your photos and videos safe, then you cannot simply go wrong with The PhotoStick.

The PhotoStick offers a number of unique editing options for family pictures that you would not normally find in such storage devices. Furthermore, its other features such as the inherent AI programming to recognise duplicated files and fast scanning are also a plus. While it is true that some of these features are also offered by Picture Keeper, one of its biggest drawbacks is its price.

When we compare the price of Picture Keeper to The PhotoStick, then hands down, PhotoStick is the winner. The price of 64GB PhotoStick is $49.99. However, in the case of a Picture Keeper, the same capacity comes at a whopping $189.99. Moreover, better tech support, FAQ answers, along with the other features that The PhotoStick has to offer makes it a deal sealer.

So we hope your confusion is now clear, and if you are trying to find an ideal way to safely store your memories, then you would opt for The PhotoStick.