There are many ways to create a backup of data these days. People often end up losing their pictures and videos. There are plenty of reasons for that to happen. Your computer might crash or you might end up getting a virus that corrupts data. To make sure that does not happen there are Photo Sticks available today to create instant backups. One of these is the Photo Stick and another is Picture Keeper. This review mostly focuses on Picture Keeper though. The Photo Stick is mostly out of stock so we wanted to find a good alternate, and the Picture Keeper fits the description.

Why Would You Need Picture Keeper

We have all had that moment in our life when our PC suddenly crashes and we lose our data. Most of that data is either software or programs and those can be reinstalled. You might get sour over losing your save progress in a game. But the most painful thing is to lose all your pictures and videos. These are not just any pictures and videos, but a backup that you have made throughout the years. You lose all of them and you lose tons of memories along with them that you could look back at. But without those pictures, all you will have are blurry memories instead of a vivid picture or video.

To counter this solution most people upload their data on cloud services. But cloud storage costs money. You can hardly find a great cloud storage solution that does not cost you monthly. If there is a free one then it does not have a lot of capacity on it. There is a very small limit and it hardly feels like a solution for creating backups. No to mention the fact that the internet is not the safest place. Specifically, if those pictures are your private moments, you would want to keep them safe and sound. That is why the Picture Keeper is a better solution.

How Does It Work?

The Picture Keeper is a storage drive that is powered by a software that does most work for you. Usually, when you are putting your data on a flash drive, you have to do it manually. You have to copy and paste each and every folder that might have pictures and videos on it. If the folder has other stuff as well you need to specifically choose pictures and videos off of it. But in case of the Picture Keeper, it does not work that way. It simplifies your problems by automatically copying the pictures of your device.

The software is on the storage device and does not require you to download anything off the internet. Usually, when you have to download the software you should always be sure it is of an authentic source. Otherwise, it is a recipe for disaster. As there is a virus floating around the internet and they can be really harmful to your data. Once you install the software by pressing just one click it automatically scans your computer for pictures and videos. Once it has discovered every picture and video it will create a backup of it on the storage.

During that time it does not require you to pay attention to the process. It automatically does the work for you and you can use that time to do something else. You can go have a cup of coffee or just watch some videos while the software does its work and create a backup.

Special Features

The Picture Keeper has some special features that even the best Photo Sticks don’t have. Although it is severely limited by storage space due to the fact that it starts off at 8 GB storage all the way up to 32 GB. For more storage, you will have to go for the Picture Keeper Pro device which is a tad bit more expensive. But due to the special feature in the Picture Keeper, you can actually use two of them. Other than that let us explore more special features of this device:

Easy interface: Mostly when people install software for backing up their data, it is very complex. Someone who is not very familiar with the computer might end up getting confused over it. But the easy and advanced software provided with Picture Keeper is very simple to use. Even someone who does not know about computers a lot can benefit from it. The interface is extremely easy to navigate.

Automatically scan and backup: Instead of finding the pictures for backing up, let the software do all the work. The Picture Keeper software scans your computer for all pictures and videos and creates a backup. It does so without having to need your assistance or attention. This makes it incredibly easy to use and it saves you time and effort.

Carry on where you left: If you run out of space on one of your Picture Keepers, you can resume backing up to the other one without having to remember which photos you have backed up and which you haven’t. This feature is not present in most devices out there and is only available on the Picture Keeper software. This is extremely useful because you can never have enough backup storage on hand.

Does not require internet: Compared to other backup and storage solutions, the Picture Keeper does not require an internet connection. It will never prompt you for an internet connection and works flawlessly without it. This makes it easy to de-clutter your computer without having to worry about having internet or not. If you are running out of space, then this is the best solution you have on hand.

Onetime payment: While cloud storage might be expansive, it costs you monthly. Meanwhile, the Picture Keeper is a onetime investment. You will not have to pay again and again to keep using the device and software. You can use it as many times as you like and not have to worry about paying any fees for subscription or hidden charges. This allows you to save a lot of money.

Fast and reliable: When copying pictures on the Picture Keeper, you will notice how fast they are being transferred. They are way faster than when you are uploading them on a cloud and even when you are copying them on a traditional flash drive. The reason being that the Picture Keeper is optimized for backing up pictures and videos in specific.


  • Easy to navigate software interface
  • Does not require an internet connection
  • Saves you money on cloud subscriptions
  • Fast Transfer Speed
  • Works on both Windows PC and Mac
  • Automatically scans your computer for creating backup
  • Affordable Price
  • Multiple variations according to storage capacity
  • Can be used in pair thanks to software features


  • Need to buy Pro variant for higher capacity than 32 GB
  • Need to buy Connect variant for backing up from Android or iPhone/iPad


So in the end we can see that the Picture Keeper is a great Photo Stick. Although it does not compare to the even more simplistic and fast Photo Stick, but it is a great alternate to it. The Photo Stick has some slick features and even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. While the Picture Keeper has a warranty so you have to stick with your mistake.

Also, it is noteworthy that the Photo Stick has storage variants up to 128 GB. Meanwhile, for the Picture Keeper, you have to go for the Pro variants for higher capacities which are more expensive. Furthermore, the Photo Stick software does not need installation and works of the storage device. Meanwhile, the Picture Keeper needs to install its software. But it is a great alternative in case you really need a Photo Stick and it is not in stock.