Photos have become a great part of our lives nowadays. From updating our social media accounts to reliving memories, there is nothing as priceless as looking back onto the amazing time we spent with our loved ones. The majority of the people prefer clicking pictures using their Cell Phones, and as convenient as that may be, 1 in 3 smartphone users lose their data due to water damage and whatnot. The last thing you would want is to bid farewell to all the memories that you have saved in the form of pictures.

This is where The PhotoStick for Cell Phones comes into play. It enables you to back up all your data without any hassle, and keep all your media organized through its inherent AI programming. When it comes to the benefits that The PhotoStick has to offer for Cell Phones, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, let’s further dive into the details that why The PhotoStick is the best choice for you to back up your cell phone pictures.

Why you should use PhotoStick for Cell Phones?

When it comes to convenience, there is nothing that can even come close to PhotoStick for Cell Phones. It often happens that we run out of storage on trips and have to delete some pictures or data in our phones to make space. However, with The PhotoStick, this would become the least of your worries.

The 64GB PhotoStick can save up to 60,000 pictures and videos, which is more than enough for any trip that you go to! Moreover, if that was not enough, then you can always purchase multiple PhotoSticks and conveniently switch them and save your pictures.

Here are a couple of reasons that make PhotoStick for Cell Phones stands out from the regular USB Flash Drives:

  • Easy to Use: Usually, if you opt for a USB flash drive, then one of the biggest hassles you would have to face is also purchasing an OTG to connect to your Cell Phones. Not only can that be a nuisance, but also, the transfer rate also slows down significantly. You do not want to wait all day for your photos to be transferred into your USB. In the case of PhotoStick, it is just plugged and play without any hassle.
  • Multi-Compatibility: As we mentioned, PhotoStick is easy to use and eliminates any hassle whatsoever when it comes to device compatibility. Whether you have an iPad, iPhone, or an Android device, you can easily transfer your photos by connecting the PhotoStick.
  • Computer Transfer: If you want to transfer all your files into your computer, PhotoStick makes that much easier as well! Simply copy all your files into the PhotoStick and then plug the PhotoStick to the computer to copy all your files into your PC.
  • Reliability: No one wants to lose their years of memories, but data gets corrupted more often than you think. Moreover, you never know what may happen to your phone, so it is better to be on the safe side. The PhotoStick is designed to be highly durable and also it cannot be infected by viruses so rest assure that your photos will remain safe.
  • Highly Portable: The idea of carrying bulky devices such as your laptop when you are on trips can be a hassle. However, most people have to do it so they can transfer photos to make space in their Cell Phones. The PhotoStick resolves these issues with its amazing portability. You can carry it around anywhere in your pocket and use it whenever you want to transfer media from your Cell Phones.

Key Features of PhotoStick

1) Easily Find Memories

All you need to do is insert The PhotoStick to your phone, and rest assure that it will search all your phones storage to find each and every photo. You can expect The PhotoStick to easily copy all the media from your phone into its storage so you can at any time easily find all your memories at one place.

2) Deletes Duplication

Dealing with duplicated files can be a major hassle! The last thing you would want is to browse through the same pictures while going through your memories. With the help of The PhotoStick, this becomes the least of your worries. The inherent AI programming of The PhotoStick easily detects duplicated photos and instantly deletes them after you give the green signal for it.

3) Massive Storage

The largest capacity that The PhotoStick comes in is 128GB. This is more than enough for you to store around 60,000 photos and videos! If you still find yourself running short on space, then do not worry, because, at a very cheap price, you can always purchase another PhotoStick to meet your requirements.

4) Fast Speed

Most normal USB flash drives can be very slow, and let’s face it, we do not have all day. So, rather than dealing with the slow transfer rate of regular USB drives, you can make your life much easier with The PhotoStick. Within seconds you will see your media being transferred to The PhotoStick and before you know it, your backup will be ready.

5) Quick Backups

You do not have to rile yourself up in renewing your cloud-membership anymore. There’s room for a lot to go wrong when you are storing all your pictures on your phone. However, when you have The PhotoStick, you do not have to worry about a thing. You can frequently create a quick backup to always make sure that all your photos remain safe.

The Bottom Line

The PhotoStick offers a reliable solution to everyone out there who wants to keep their photos secure. Nothing hurts more than losing all the photos that you have taken over the years when something happens to your phone. The PhotoStick for Cell Phones provides you with an easy solution to always have a safe haven to resort to.